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Children's Parties                         503
wreath of daisies, and the skirt of her dress was com­posed of long, narrow strips of white muslin, like the petals of the flower, the waist of green cambric leaves overlapping each other to imitate the calyx. She held in her hand a bunch of large paper daisies, and invited all to come and have their characters read and their fortunes told.
One by one they advanced and pulled off a petal of the first flower—which told what the seeker's chief virtue was. The words were printed on the under side of the petals. The next flower told their greatest faults, the third their favourite occupations, the fourth and last their fates or fortunes.
The little girl represented the daisy fortune-teller, appeal to which in olden days was held in superstitious reverence as being to a true oracle.
The children then trooped off to enjoy a simple little feast, with the added zest of eating out of doors and in each other's company.
A FOURTH OF JULY FROLIC The invitations for a children's frolic on the Fourth of July may be written upon long, narrow strips of red cardboard, to suggest fire-crackers. A hempen string should be at one end, and, to conceal where it is attached, it will be necessary to paste two oblong bits of cardboard back to back.
The rooms should be gay with bunting, and an effective decoration is a ball of flags hanging from the chandelier. It is easily achieved by boring holes in a croquet-ball and inserting in them the sticks of many small flags, whittled to a point.
When the children first arrive, there is often a little
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