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506 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
see how many of the following articles they can find thereon:
Name part of a river ?—Mouth.
A hunted animal?—Hare (hair).
An outline?—Profile.
An Eastern fruit ?—The date.
Dutch flowers?—Tulips (two lips).
The edge of a hill ?—Brow.
The centre of crime?—Eye (I).
Twinkling lights ?—Stars.
Impudence ?—Cheek.
Meaning of "understands"?—Knows (nose).
A great country?—United States of America.
An American coin ?—Quarter-dollar.
A large bird ?—Eagle.
Part of a sentence?—Clause (claws).
What angels have?—Wings.
One out of many?—E pluribus unum.
What American citizens enjoy?—Liberty.
A spike of barley ?—Ear.
Indian weapons ?—Arrows.
By this time the children will probably be ready for supper. Scarlet and white verbenas with blue larkspur will make a pretty centrepiece, the rolled sandwiches mav be tied with red, white and blue ribbons, the bonbons wrapped in tissue-paper to look like torpedoes.
After supper each child may be blindfolded, given a cane, and allowed three trials at attempting to hit a huge fire-cracker suspended by its string between two rooms. The top and bottom of the cracker are made of circular pieces of cardboard about five inches in diameter, and to complete the framework these discs are held in position, at a distance of about ten inches apart, by a half-dozen pieces of cord tied securely from
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