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Children's Parties                         507
one to the other. The whole is covered with bright red tissue-paper and filled with simple candies wrapped in red, white and blue motto-papers. The fuse, or cord, by which the fire-cracker hangs, must, of course, be knotted in before the frame is covered; but the candies may be put in afterward through holes cut in the top. After two or three good blows are given, the candies come showering down and are eagerly gathered. After this, the small guests take their leave.
The best place for a children's autumn party is a big barn or a spacious garret, which should, of course, be decorated with boughs, vines, goldenrod, etc., as prettily as possible—and not the least part of the pleasure to the little hosts will be the "overseeing" of the preparations. If Hallowe'en be the time chosen, there must be a tub half full of water and with apples bobbing about, for the children to seize with their lips, kneeling, with hands held behind their backs, on the floor beside the tub. The successful ones carry their apples to an umpire, who cuts the apple open, counts the seeds, and gives a prize to the one whose apple contains the most. For such prizes there are pincushions made to resemble apples so closely as almost to deceive one into taking a bite.
An apple-paring contest always makes fun. A large basket of apples is brought in, and of these to each player is given the same number, a plate and knife—preferably a dull one, if the child is under twelve years of age, to avoid accidents. "Time " is called and all set to work. It is the aim to slide the knife round and round so that the paring may be unbroken.
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