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Children's Parties                         509
two lines facing each other. The "teacher" should have a list of words, or may be ready-witted enough to think of them off-hand. Some grown person should fill the office. She suggests the words to the leaders alternately, who propose them to the players of their opponent's line in succession. When any one "misses," he or she must sit down and the word is passed to the next player; or they may play "head and foot." The contest becomes exciting when only two "scholars" remain standing and are thus pitted against each other.
One of the famous "spelling lessons" is the following— adapted for older scholars:
"It is an agreeable business to perceive the un­paralleled embarrassment of an harassed peddler, gauging the symmetry of a peeled pear, which an apocryphal sibyl had stabbed with a poniard, unheeding the innuendoes of lilies of carnelian hue and jeopardising the perennial pillars and caterpillars with separate tongues resuscitated from Elysian fields."
For little children, the words should be selected so that the pleasure of success shall be theirs. Short words, to be spelled backward, is another form of test.
At the close of the spelling-match the " teacher " rings the bell for "recess"—and lunch-boxes holding pro­visions for two are distributed. The partners may be determined by their own choice, or girls and boys in pairs may enjoy the little supper in each other's com­pany, guided by the "drawing" of matching ribbons. The boxes should contain sandwiches of two kinds—and plenty of them—cake, fruit and bonbons, and lemonade may be passed around.
If there are any boys who feel energetic and willing to entertain the company, they may offer themselves in the game of
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