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510 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Trussed Fowls
Two boys having seated themselves on the floor, their hands are tied together with handkerchiefs, their ankles secured in the same manner, their arms made to embrace their bent knees, and a broomstick passed over one arm, under the knees, and over the other arm of each of them. They are placed so that their toes just touch each other, and in that position must try to overturn each other by pushing with their toes only. Sometimes both are upset, and lie helpless on their backs until some one comes to their rescue. The game continues until one succeeds in oversetting his adversary while retaining his own seat.
It usually provokes much laughter and makes a merry conclusion.
For Boys and Girls from Fourteen to
The rooms were decorated to look as "woodsy" as possible, with branches of foliage in all available places, and chestnut-burs and twigs with nuts still adhering were much in evidence.
The hostess wore a green gown, her brown hair wreathed about with oak leaves and many acorns.
As the guests were assembling, some one at the piano played "Sweet Marie," "Annie Rooney," "Johnny Get Your Gun," and other selections supposed to represent "musical chestnuts."
Each guest was given a booklet consisting of one leaf, whereon was a type-written list of questions, with spaces below them for the answers to be written in. This was enclosed in covers made of drawing-paper, coloured to resemble an acorn, a chestnut, almond, or
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