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Children's Parties                         511
peanut. The narrow green ribbon that tied the covers together to form a hinge at their place of contact had one long end, to which a small pencil was attached.
Every question was to be answered by the name of a nut. They were:
1.  Its first syllable is a spring vegetable.
2.  The penalty of tight shoes.
3.  A souvenir of South America.
4.  A native of a Portugese island, now a naturalised Britisher.
5.  Its first part is a barrier of brick or stone.
6.  Two-thirds of it makes acceptable our daily bread.
7.  Its first half is a beverage.
8.  Two boys' nick-names.
9.  Part of the human frame forms the initial syllable.
10.  A letter of the alphabet and a utensil of tin or copper.
11.  The abbreviation of a man's name constitutes the first syllable.
12.  Its first syllable is a colour exclusively applied to eyes.
1.  Peanut.                                  7. Cocoanut.
2.  Acorn.                                    8. Filbert (Phil-Bert).
3.  Brazil nut.                            9. Chestnut.
4.  Madeira nut                       10. Pecan.
or English walnut. 11. Almond.
5.  Walnut.                               12. Hazelnut.
6.  Butternut.
After the award of some pretty bonbonnieres in the shape of papier-mache' peanuts and chestnuts to the winners in the former contest, while the judges were examining the little books in order to determine the winner of the prize, the company was invited to join in
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