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Children's Parties                           513
nuts, were placed at one end of the room, and two empty-bowls at the other. Captains were chosen, who divided the company into equal sides. The game consisted in dipping into the bowl of nuts with the hand, held flat, fingers extended close together, in order to get as many nuts as possible on the back of the hand. These were then carried across the room and dropped into one of the other bowls by two contestants at a time. Whichever of the pair carried the more nuts to the goal won. Two more contestants followed, and so on until all had had a trial. The winners were then pitted against each other until a single one remained, to whom was given the prize, a copy of Hawthorne's "Twice Told Tales"—explained as another name for "chestnuts."
The supper consisted of nut sandwiches, nut salad, the marron-filled ice-cream known as Nesselrode pudding, nut cakes, salt nuts, and marrons glacis bonbons.
As Thanksgiving Day is essentially the occasion for family reunion, the time would be ill-chosen for a chil­dren's party apart from the elders.
They, however, should have their part in the festival— and they will enjoy it none the less if their efforts to give pleasure teach them that "giving is getting."
The Thanksgiving dinner may be represented in cha­rades by the children, the elders playing audience, to whom it is announced that a feast will be served and be seen but not tasted, the menu having to be guessed. An older head should take the direction.
The first couple suggest the soup by one stepping, apparently by accident, upon the toe of the other, who
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