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514 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
hops about as though in pain. As the mistress of cere­monies enters as though to dismiss them in favour of the next actor, the sufferer exclaims, "Ma, he stepped on my toe !" They return to their places and '' Tomato " is probably guessed.
The next couple appear, dragging a large clothes-basket, in which they seat themselves and sway as though tossed by the waves. They cast overboard a tennis net or hammock and draw it in, exclaiming with glee, "The finest shad of the season!" They then go through the motion of rowing, with canes and um­brellas, and "Shad Roe" is guessed.
A table is next rolled before the company, upon which are a plate of bread and a pitcher of molasses. Two children seat themselves. As they are about to eat, the lady in charge approaches, dressed as an old nurse, and mumbles crossly, "No, no; too much sweet is bad for children." She then removes the molasses, leaving only bread, which they munch in wrathful silence. "Sweet­bread" is, of course, the entree.
A fierce-looking Turk, with heavily corked eyebrows and mustache, next appears, arrayed in rainbow-coloured garments and turban, holding a key, to which he fiercely directs the attention of his wife, who kneels at his feet, with hair dishevelled, suing for mercy. He sternly answers: "There is blood upon this key. You have entered the forbidden chamber. Prepare to die!" Seizing her hair, he drags her from the room. The horrors supposed to ensue are cut short by the entrance of Bluebeard—and "Turkey" is guessed.
A girl enters next, dressed as a beggar, with a patch over one eye. A boy, with gilt paper buttons and star on his jacket and holding a baton, represents a police­man. He passes the beggar, and when his back is turned
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