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516 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Glass slippers are not always to be found, but it may be explained to the children that " Cinderella," originally written in French, has through a mistranslation been given to English-speaking children as the story of a glass slipper. The word in the original was '' pantouffle de vert," meaning "miniver"—a fur resembling ermine and worn only by royalty. The translator, not knowing the meaning of the word, ventured to take liberties with it.
Bonbonnieres, therefore, in the form of slippers, made of white canton flannel dotted with black worsted spots, with red soles, and red silk fitted bag-shape in the interior to hold the bonbons, may be withdrawn from the pumpkin and distributed to the actors.
If the pumpkin seeds be preserved and washed, it may amuse the children to see which can come nearest to guessing their number.
Give to each one a numbered tally-card and pencil. Pin about the room, to draperies and furniture, slips of paper upon which are typewritten conundrums bearing upon a Thanksgiving feast, thoroughly mixed up. A stated time is given for the guessing and a prize awarded to the one whose card shows the most correct answers, i. Emblems of silence.—Oysters.
2.  The penalty of looking backward.—Salt.
3.  Made keen by its mother.—Vinegar.
4.  Boston diet.—Beans.
5.  Forbidden to Jews.—Pork.
6.  Emblem of stupidity.—Goose.
7.  Universal crown.—Hare.
8.  Largest part of the foot.—Sole.
9.  To shrink from danger.—Quail. 10. Ludicrous situations.—Pickles.
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