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Special Dinners, Dances and Luncheons
ANY one who has never attended a "children's party for grown-ups" has yet to learn what a merrymaking may be.
A certain young womanówho is qualified to join the Olympians as the "goddess of fun"ódecided to observe her birthday by asking her friends to meet at a "Juvenile Party." Her invitations were written upon tiny sheets of note-paper, adorned with three little kittens at play or scenes from "Mother Goose" in colour, sold at the shops for very young correspondents.
Some were addressed to the mothers of the invited guests, in some such form asó
Dear Mrs. Smith:
Will you please be so kind as to let Johnny come to my party on Tuesday evening, the first of February, at eight o'clock? Please tell him to bring his favourite toy and promise not to tease.
Your little friend,
- .                                                            m
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