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Special Dinners, Dances and Luncheons 519
Another received the following: Dear Susie:
Will you come and play with me on Tuesday evening, the first of February? Bring "Araminta" or any doll you like. My mamma says that we shall have a very good time—and ice-cream. Yours lovingly,
On the back of the sheet was written, "Come in cos­tume of a child under ten."
One six-footer answered:
"My mamma says I may come if I'm good."
Another wrote, "You bet, I'll come," while the girls wrote replies characteristic of children—unhampered by a mother's supervision.
Nothing could exceed the mirth of the party at sight of one another.
The men wore knickerbockers and kilts, lace-embroid­ered collars, sailor suits, and Lord Fauntleroy costumes, with wigs of long curls. They carried toy horses, penny trumpets, tops, and marbles, which they insisted upon playing with—"for keeps." One wore a single roller skate.
The young women were charming with their hair worn loose and tied above the left temple with bows of ribbon in the present mode. One came as a baby, with cap and bib, carrying a rattle.
New arrivals were greeted with shouts of "Hello, Johnny Smith"; "Oh, Susie, you look perfectly sweet," but when presented to each other they suddenly turned shy; the boys put their hands in their pockets and looked grave, the girls hid their faces bashfully by look­ing down, or put their fingers in their mouths.
The boys herded together and had to be coaxed to "come and play with the little girls."
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