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520 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
" Oats, pease, beans, and barley grows " finally brought them all together in a ringóLord Fauntleroy in the mid≠dle, who chose his "pardner," and was married in the good old-fashioned children's way. However, the salute was given on the hand instead of the cheek. It was not very different from the figures of a cotillion, where the dancers choose one another to bestow the favours.
They played "Going to Jerusalem," "Stage Coach," and other favourite old games of children, and never was fun more spontaneous.
At supper, bibs were used instead of napkins, and nougat pyramids, mottoes, baskets, and canes of striped peppermint candy, a Jack-Horner pie and other dainties dear to childish hearts, were conspicuous features of the banquet.
"Follow the leader"óall joining hands and on a run, winding in and out and around the rooms until all were breathless from running and laughingóconcluded this very diverting entertainment, and the guests took leave pleading that their "nurses had come."
An appropriate entertainment for any of our national heydays and holidays would be a costume ball or recep≠tion, the invitations for which should request each guest to come in the dress of his or her earliest ancestor in this country.
The idea found expression at a house noted for unique entertainments.
Some took the suggestion seriously, and were glad to parade the evidences of the past splendour of their fore≠bears, appearing in rich brocades, with powdered hair and beautiful old costumes of tints softened and mellowed as only Time can do, for which family treasure-stores
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