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522 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
little caps, a bit of velvet ribbon around neck and wrists.
There were Quakers and Cavaliers, Indians, pale-haired Swedes and buxom Germans, but perhaps the one that enlisted the greatest interest and attracted the most notice of all in the room was a young man whose ancestor "had fit in the Revolution," and who wore the bona fide blue-and-buff uniform of the patriot army of 1776.
All hearts seemed to warm and grow more loyal at sight of it, and his merry, debonair countenance grew rosy under the fire of good wishes and compliments of which he was the representative recipient. He pro­tested that he felt unworthy to wear it—not having made proof of his prowess—adding jestingly, "Fe, fo, fi, fum, I long for the blood Of an Englishman!"
Family annals, bits of curious early American folk-lore, cherished stories of famous ancestors, were related with gusto and received with flattering interest which gave the entertainment a unique character.
The drawing-rooms were decorated in the national colours, gay with bunting and flags galore, while the dining-room recalled the colonial blue-and-buff in all the table appointments. The ices were served in cocked hats, drums, tricolour boxes, reminiscent of Revolutionary days that made us a nation. The evening closed with a Virginia Reel in which everyone joined, and the friends took leave of each other with mutual congratulations that they were Americans.
A party of friends meeting at luncheon, the conversa­tion happened to turn upon "pet superstitions," and, to
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