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532 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
and not undesirable acquaintances, but only where an introduction has been solicited and allowed does the recognition continue beyond that evening.
The favours are chiefly tissue-paper articles of gro­tesque apparel, which must be put on and worn for the rest of the evening, or—if the hostess choose—until the young women shall retire from the ballroom to assume mask and domino, returning to puzzle their former cavaliers as to their identity.
The first of April is an appropriate time for such a merrymaking, as a masquerade gives ample opportunity for April-fooling.
The hostess remains unmasked, as do the masculine guests, but the rest conceal themselves by wearing over their gowns the long capes with hoods known as dom­inoes—made of light-coloured cambrics. The hoods are drawn over the head, and tiny black velvet or satin masks conceal the upper part of the face, and a fall of lace from the mask, the lower.
Every one is privileged to speak to every one else in the room. A woman may address a man with the free­dom that is usually the monopoly of his sex, and the more she piques his curiosity about her identity the better she carries out the spirit and fun of a masquerade.
She may reveal, if she can, a knowledge of his affairs and chaff him upon subjects calculated to increase his mystification—only remembering that she may be dis­covered, and that a measure of discretion is advisable.
Sometimes girls will exchange dominoes, and all whisper and seek to disguise their voices in order to further puzzle and bewilder their victims.
At supper, the masks and dominoes are removed, whereupon ensue much mirth and excitement in making discoveries. A "sheet and pillow-case mas-
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