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Special Dinners, Dances and Luncheons 533
querade," in which these domestic articles are deftly arranged, may replace the dominoes.
It is sometimes a problem how to show special atten­tion to a number of women friends without being obliged to give a "series of entertainments"—which seems a somewhat formidable undertaking.
The most graceful and elegant solution of the matter is a luncheon served at little tables. The trouble is minimised, and, to many, the novelty lends an added charm.
I think the prettiest entertainment I ever saw was such a luncheon, where twenty ladies were served at four small round tables.
Each table, decorated in a different colour and adorned with flowers, represented one of the four seasons, and in the soft light of many wax candles the scene was like a glimpse of fairyland. In the dressing-room the ladies had found their names written on four cards, each about eight inches long and six in width, placed conspicuously, and tied with bows of satin ribbon, which, the maid explained, indicated by their colour the table to which each lady was assigned. This greatly facili­tated the finding of places where there were so many guests.
Two round tables, each accommodating five persons, were in the dining-room and two more in the room adjoining.
As congenial friends could be thus grouped by them­selves, it had all the coziness of a small gathering, while the numerous guests gave it the brilliancy of a large one.
The "spring table" was decorated in white in com-
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