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Special Dinners, Dances and Luncheons 535
The painting of all the cards, choosing the quotations and fashioning the bonbonnieres had charmed away several otherwise tedious hours during the preceding summer.
The ice-cream was in the form of a bunch of asparagus.
The "summer table" was a mass of rose, even the tiny shades over the pink candles looked like some new and gorgeous variety at a little distance. Everything here was soft, blushing pink. The name-cards were rose-petals delicately tinted—no longer a novelty, since one may buy them almost anywhere now—and appro­priate at this table. The names were printed with a brush in odd-shaped gilt letters, and on the under side were written quotations:
"The radiant summer with her azure eyes And flower-crowned head."
"It is the time when lilies blow,
And clouds are highest up in air."
The favours were round, pink bonbonnieres crowned with wreaths of tiny roses, the flowers following the outline of the boxes' edges. The ice-cream was moulded to represent flowers, pink roses predominating—held in a broad garden hat made of pink candy, braided to look like straw and shining like spun glass from which the flowers seemed to be tumbling. The hat was garlanded with natural roses about the crown.
The "autumn table" was a golden glory of chrys­anthemums—the month being November.
All the decorations, bonbons, candles, shades, etc., were of pale yellow. The name-cards were autumn leaves (clever imitations may be had in the shops), their stems tied with narrow ribbons and the names boldly written across them with a brush in broad gilt lines.
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