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536 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
The surface was not favourable to any elaborate writing of quotations, so on the under side of the leaf was merely the word "Welcome" in gilt lettering.
The ice-cream was in the form of various fruits, held in an oblong basket of braided straw-coloured candy, the small handles at the ends tied with satin ribbons of the same shade. The bonbonnieres of this table were intended to represent yellow chrysanthemums—the only ones that at all presented any difficulty in the con­struction. They were round boxes of pale yellow, about the size of the palm of the hand, and surmounted by a little mound of cotton covered with soft yellow silk. In the centre of this downy cushion was deeply sunk a small artificial yellow chrysanthemum, which merely made the heart of the flower, while innumerable loops of very narrow ribbon graduated in length formed the petals. The loops of ribbon were sewn thickly all over the little cushiony surface, and the outer ones were long .enough to conceal the box.
The "winter table" was all white in decoration, with the exception of its centrepiece of holly, the dish concealed by a wide scarlet satin ribbon, and the many candles of the same colour, without shades. Many thought this the prettiest table of all in its chaste sim­plicity.
The name-cards were white, glistening apparently with frost—the effect produced by powdered mica, and painted in one corner of each was a sprig of bright holly berries.
On the backs were quotations appropriate to the season. For example:
"Fair winter clad in bridal white, Chaste virgin of the year."
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