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538 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
A unique luncheon was given at the house of a woman whom her friends have named "The Goddess of Hos­pitality"—from her frequent entertainments and her evident enjoyment in gathering her friends about her under delightful conditions.
The invitations were issued for a "Conundrum Luncheon," and were riddles in themselves; the recipients wondering how such an idea would find expression.
At table, each guest found at her place a sweet-brier blossom about the size of the palm of her hand, painted upon Watman-paper and cut out following the outlines of the flower. A reverse side of the blossom was also painted with its calyx and part of the stem. These formed the covers of a little book, containing about a dozen leaves.
The oysters were already upon the table when the guests assembled, but on each leaf of the little flower-books was a conundrum in verse, the answer to which would give the name of each course in turn, thus furnishing a novel menu. While enjoying one course, the women amused themselves by guessing the next one in order.
The following was the menu selected for this occasion, but it will require but very slender rhyming faculty to adapt the idea to any other choice of dishes:
The bouillon was thus suggested:
"I come of a noble French family,
Godfrey—of Crusader fame Must be known to you all, I am certain, And I am the last of the name."
Lobster a la Newburg:
"Black and ugly we lived, But no sooner are dead,
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