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Special Dinners, Dances and Luncheons 539
Than we turn for your pleasure
A beautiful red, And are martyred by thousands
That you may be fed."
The lamb chops, garnished with a puree of chestnuts: "Part of an ancient sacrifice Garnished with something rather nice."
The mushrooms on toast:
"My first is coarse and homely food, The cotter's fare, but still 'tis good. My second, you may quick divine The place in which we sleep or dine. My whole, when fresh and nicely cooked, No epicure e'er overlooked."
The ducks:
"I live in the water, I live in the air, I live on the land, I can live anywhere; Sometimes I am wild, sometimes I am tame, Sometimes I'm a 'salmi,' sometimes I am game." The ice-cream:
"Although cold by nature, I'm favoured by all, And there's scarcely a dinner,
Or luncheon or ball At which I'm not present.
I'm happy to say There is no house in town Where I've not the 'entree.'" There often comes to both hostess and guests, after leaving the table, a little sensation of blankness, as though things had come to an end, and one is at a loss what to do next. The custom of serving the coffee in another room tides over this feeling. The company
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