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54o The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
then forms itself into new combinations, and, once seated, the conversation is taken up with renewed interest.
Upon the occasion that I am recalling, the hostess con­ducted her guests to a second-story library for their coffee, where they found scattered about the room, on book-case and table, a motley array of articles whose "reason for being" was also a conundrum. Each was numbered, and the guests were supplied with cards and pencils, to note their guesses, which, it was explained, must be the title of a well-known book. Photographs of the "Father of His Country" and Martha Washington illustrated "The Virginians." A doll with its head turned quite around stood for Bellamy's "Looking Back­ward." A bowl of ice for Professor Tyndall's "Forms of Water." A few coins did duty for Charles Reade's "Very Hard Cash." The Times newspaper for Justin McCarthy's "History of Our Own Times." A new tin pie-plate recalled "As in a Looking-Glass," while a draw­ing of a distracted father trying to quiet a crying baby made an echo of Bulwer's question, "What Will He do with It?" and the music of "Yankee Doodle" answered for Dickens' "American Notes."
A clever woman related to me the following account of a dinner in Shakespeare's honour:
We had been studying Shakespeare all winter, meet­ing one evening in the week, and securing all the bright and shining literary lights that could be coaxed, bribed, or driven to let us read the great master by the light of their superior illumination.
Each feminine member was alternately hostess, but by the time that the honour fell to my lot there was no one left among the literary lions who could even "roar you as gently as any sucking dove."
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