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542 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
entirely in quotations from the immortal bard, was a work of no small effort.
To select something appropriate to each guest from the same source was more simple. Having a little skill with my brush, I painted in water-colour a small head of Shakespeare, enclosed in a small ring of gilt, by way of frame and finish, at the top of a bit of bolting-cloth the size of my hand, backed with a pink satin ribbon fringed at the ends.
Below the head was written in gilt lettering the fol­lowing :
"This treasure of an oyster."—Antony and Cleo­patra.
"Expect spoon-meat."—Comedy of Errors.
"Pretty little tiny Kickshaws."—King Henry IV.
"This fish was well fished for."—Winter's Tale.
"What is this, mutton? No, sheep, sweet lamb."— Love's Labour's Lost.
"'Tis I, the early village cock."—Richard III.
"I have a dish of doves."—Merchant of Venice.
"The queen of curds and cream."—Winter's Tale.
"Thou art all ice, thy kindness freezes."—King John.
"A dish fit for the gods."—Julius Caesar. .
"The daintiest last, to make the end more sweet."—■ King Richard III.
Which, being interpreted, would read:
Clear Soup
Bouchers a la Reine
Spring Lamb
Chicken Timbales
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