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544 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
poets—as for instance, in offering some dainty, my hus­band asked:
"Will 't please you taste of what is here?"—Tem­pest.
To which Othello replied:
"Thanks, it is a dish that I do love to feed upon."— Taming of the Shrew.
After dinner we played a game in which we tested one another's memory to name the sources of familiar quo­tations. The one most successful received as a prize a daintily bound volume of "Shakespeare's England" by William Winter, humorously described as "A Winter's Tale."
The climax was reached when Ophelia sang for us some of the "Songs of Shakespeare" from a book arranged by Edward Edwards, notably: "It was a lover and his lass," and "Hark, hark, the Lark at Heaven's Gate," set to music by no less a person than Schubert.
A woman of large experience once said, "Next to the pleasure of spending money is the pleasure of saving it. It is really a fascinating problem to see how much each dollar may be made to do. To have what we want is wealth, to do without it is power." Women with strong social instincts sometimes sigh to think that almost any entertainment puts too great a strain on the domestic exchequer. One woman's inventiveness evolved the following menu for a literary club of ten persons without exhausting the resources of a five-dollar bill:
Menu "Lavs of Ancient Rome" . . . Macaulay
(Stuffed Eggs)
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