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Special Dinners, Dances and Luncheons 545
"The Red Skins".....Cooper
(Lobsters Farcis) "Lamb's Works" .... Charles Lamb
(Chops Breaded, Potato Croquettes) " Cometh Up as a Flower" . . Rhoda Broughton
(Mushrooms) "Salad for the Solitary and the Social" F. Saunders
(Lettuce) "The Queen of Curds and Cream" . Mrs. Gerard
(Cheese) "Man, and the Glacial Period" . . Dr. Wright
(Orange Ice Served in the Skins) "Coffee and Repartee" .... Bangs
(Coffee) The explanations in parentheses were omitted in the written menu.
Prices One dozen eggs, 35 cts.; one-half pint cream, 10 cts. 45 Salt, pepper and onion . . . . . .12
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