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546 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
The graduating class, at the close of a certain well-known school in the American metropolis, agreed that their separation should have no effect upon their rela≠tions to one another, and planned to meet (upon their return to town in the autumn) once in every fortnight at luncheon, each young woman in turn being hostessó that the old ties might not be loosened.
It was furthermore proposed that, as the class num≠bered just a dozen, each should give to her entertainment some suggestion of one of the months of the year.
Late September found twelve bright faces assembled about a table at which the young hostess seemed to have evolved a most pleasing effect of purple and goldó the dominant note of colour of the month. A low, flat basket of green willow, with high, square handle, held clusters of purple and golden grapes among many vine leaves. The handle was wreathed with the leaves, and from its top two bunches of grapes, one of either colour, were suspended within its arch. A vase of violet glass held a few choice blooms of goldenrod at each end of the table (it was too late for asters), and the bonbons and iced cakes repeated the yellow and purple in their colouring. Vine leaves lined the dishes, and their profusion about the table made it look as if decked for a vintage festival. The place-cards were violet cards, the names in gilt. The golden note was easily suggested in the menu by grape-fruit, a course of eggs, yellow sauces and mayonnaise, and the ice-cream was coloured and flavoured with blackberry juice (canned), which gave it just the desired shade of violet at no sacrifice of flavour.
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