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Special Dinners, Dances and Luncheons 551
Lamb chops took up the story:
The sacrificial knife hath laid me low, Not less a martyr than when long ago My ancestors were butchered in cold blood For others' sins—I now die for their food.
"lie latest descendant of Noah's messenger next:
My Bible name must rhyme with "love," When used as food, with "rob"; In lovers' phrase a "turtledove," In market talk, a--------."
The universal favourite among sweets was first intro­duced to American society by the Father of His Country;
At Washington's famous reception, No guest was more welcome than I;
'Twas an era in dietetics, To a nation that lived upon pie!
The March hostess had a centrepiece of pussy-willows among growing ferns, and because of the renewed green­ness of the earth (beginning in that month), green was chosen for the colour of the decorations. The "pussies" had been kept in water for a month and were in full bloom.
Leaves were wreathed about the principal dishes; artificial ones found the candle-shades.
Out of compliment to St. Patrick, the ices were held in small green boxes, with a bunch of "shamrocks" and clover blossoms atop.
On the backs of the name-cards were written such quotations as:
"We come to June by way of March."
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