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552 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
"Stormy wind, fulfilling His word." "Blow ye winds and crack your cheeks !" "The wind bloweth where it listeth."
And one card read: '' What so rare as a day in June ? Those of March are positively raw !"
At sight of the April table, the guests clapped their hands merrily in approval as they entered the dining-room.
Above the table hung a large old umbrella-frame, covered with smilax and suspended from the chandelier. From every point drops of water fell slowly from con­cealed bits of ice into wine-glasses on the table, carefully placed for their reception. The centrepiece was of bright-yellow blossoms, suggestive of sunshine, above which hovered (on wires) tiny yellow butterflies— to recall Easter types. The iced cakes and bonbons were coloured like the seven shades of the rainbow, and old-fashioned candelabra, with pendant prisms, cast tiny rainbows everywhere about the white cloth. There was no artificial light. The name-cards were held by paper dolls, whose dresses were of tissue paper, chemi­cally prepared, so that it was pink in fair weather but turned blue when rain threatened.
The ices were in the forms of animals, served from a nougat Noah's ark.
The May table was lovely in white and green, a mound of white stock-gillies in the centre. These flowers resemble blossoms, and were obtainable in February (the date of the luncheon), and had the added ad­vantage of being the least expensive of their lovely race. Out of the centre of the mound was erected a May-pol<
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