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556 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
the roses, unless it be desired to introduce the note of white, when Roman hyacinths may lend their grace and supplement any lack of prodigality—being less costly than the roses. Close under the chandelier may be fastened a white dove with spread wings, and gathered about its feet the ends of narrow, pink-satin ribbons, strands of which are carried over the edge of the table near each cover. The dove may be hired of any florist.
Decorative dainties, such as heart-shaped pink pepper­mints, little cakes of the same form iced in pink, and the small meringues known as "kisses," should alone be upon the table. The name-cards, cut out of pink card­board, should also be in the form of the traditional seat of the affections.
At each cover may be a tiny heart-shaped bonbonniere filled with rice, with the interlaced initials of the be­trothed in gilt on its cover. The boxes may be of pink satin or only of cardboard. The shops are full of such things and home talent may easily achieve the initials. For this lettering, a little outfit, with full explanations, may be bought for a trifle at the art shops.
These initial boxes will naturally give rise to comment and speculation among the guests, and when curiosity has reached its height—and its conclusions—the blushing bride-elect may "admit the soft impeachment."
Instead of the bonbon boxes and place-cards, the visiting-cards of "the happy man" may be used, blank side uppermost. Some one in the secret may turn her card over, or perhaps the unusual size and shape may lead any one of the guests to look on both sides. What may then appear at first entirely as an inadvertence and furnish subject for a bit of teasing will shortly be under­stood, and the secret will be out!
A very simple little luncheon may be the means of
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