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Special Dinners, Dances and Luncheons 561
If preferred
" Polly put the kettle on And we'll all have tea " might replace the other reference to that beverage; and wines suggested by
"She went to the tavern For white wine and red." The following couplet also offers suggestions: "Handy, spandy, Jack-a-dandy, Loves plum cake and sugar candy." Recitations from Mrs. Whitney's clever little book, "Mother Goose for Grown Folks," might fitly close the entertainment, or selections from it might be written on the reverse side of the name-cards.
Half a dozen girls, fired with housewifely zeal, had been taking a course of lessons in cooking, and so proud were they of their proficiency that they burned to dis­tinguish themselves in the eyes of their friends. Two or three of their number had as an additional spur to their interest and ambition the prospect of a small home-nest of their own at no very distant date. They con­cluded to have a little feast to which a dozen friends should be bidden, every dish composing it to be cooked by their own hands. It was finally decided that each guest should bring a contribution and the entertainment take the form of a picnic. As the season was mid­winter, the grove had to be improvised within the limits of a city drawing-room. The time set for the merrymaking being shortly after Christmas Day, it was easy to get evergreen trees at nominal prices—the florists having no further hope of selling them. These were disposed about the room in as natural a manner as
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