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564 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
were auctioned off. The cards within the boxes deter­mined the partners of the purchasers.
The feasts given by Mme. du Barry to Louis XV. seem like fairly tales, with the marvellous table rising up through the floor, already laden with its dainties. Upon one occasion, they had a discussion about the relative merits of men and women cooks, each defending and advocating his or her own sex.
To prove her argument, Mme. du Barry invited the king to a dinner so perfect in all its appointments, accord­ing to the fashions of the day, and so delicious, that the monarch admitted himself beaten and thereupon insti­tuted the order of the "Cordon Bleu," which was at first restricted to women cooks.
A novelty in the matter of entertainments called "Historical dinners" was introduced last winter among the opulent.
One was a duplicate of the dinner given by du Barry when Louis decorated her cook with the blue cord.
A free translation of the menu might read as follows:
Game Soup
Patties of Chickens' Livers
Crab farcis
Salmi of Snipe
Supreme of Sweetbreads
Capon with Cress Salad
Walnuts dipped in sherry and Chopped Brandied Peaches
mixed with whipped cream
Strawberries                                                       Grapes
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