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I T is possible to give very effective and interesting tableaux where two rooms are separated by portieres or folding doors, but if possible the sides of the one representing the stage should be curtained off by screens, technically called "flies," and foot­lights are almost indispensable.
These may be made of tin, or bottles of uniform height holding candle-ends, and masked by tissue-paper frills on the side next the audience. A strong lamp should be placed at right and left of the stage so as to be screened from sight, but to throw its light full upon the actors.
The shadows are the things that mar successful effec­tiveness. The lights, therefore, should fall from the top, sides, and at the foot. A dark curtain stretched about six feet at the rear of the place occupied by the actors throws them into relief, and its neutral tone harmonises the colours of the picture.
The illusion of distance and perspective is given if a gauze curtain or one of black tarlatan hang in front of the stage and inside the curtain.
A stage slightly raised above the spectators—about three feet, perhaps—gives great advantage and may be
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