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of wine in a metal vessel and set it over a spirit lamp. The spirits of wine ignites and a weird light is produced. Of course, all the other lights should be extinguished.
The subjects for tableaux are inexhaustible. Famous paintings have been represented with such fidelity that it seemed as if the familiar canvases had been touched into life by some supernatural power. Picturesque inci­dents from our own early history would be appropriate for any of our national holiday entertainments. "John Alden and Priscilla," "The Burning of a Witch in Salem," "The Marriage of Pocahontas," "The Sailing of the Mayflower"—the homesick little group watching it from the shore—are a few suggestions that will readily occur to any one.
One of the most charming entertainments may be given if some one read aloud a poem or a story with well-modulated voice, correct accent, and intelligent interpretation, while the illustrations are given by suc­cessive tableaux, as when one turns a page to find a picture.
It has been found by those experienced in trying to win public interest in some benevolent scheme that noth­ing is so sure to attract as a series of tableaux. Amateur acting often leaves much to be desired and challenges comparison with professional talent, but amateurs of tableaux may have the whole field to themselves and be quite assured of appreciative and sympathetic audi­ences.
There are few prettier forms of the tableau than groups imitating statuettes of Dresden china. The gaily flowered dresses and the daintiness and grace of pose make exceedingly charming effects.
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