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568 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
A girl in a flowered chintz gown of the Louis XV. period, her hands thrust in two diminutive apron-pockets, and wearing a coquettish cap, may stand, archly smiling, perched upon a round pedestal at one side of the stage, while a gallant regards her with admiring glances from the other.
A tub inverted, covered with white cheese-cloth, answers very well for a pedestal.
They next may group themselves in a representation of a very popular subject in Dresden pottery. The lady will have removed her apron and cap, given a touch of powder to her hair, and seated herself upon a sofaŚ just large enough for two. The gentleman sits by her side almost on the edge of the sofa and by look and gesture seems to be pleading a cause very near his heart. His eloquence is met by a look under half-closed eyes, as if questioning his sincerity, while the mouth is relaxed into a smile.
A series of charming poses may be copied from the "Minuet," the curtain falling after each of them and rising upon a new combination. For instance, in one the lady and gentleman stand, each with one foot advanced, body thrown back, his head very erect, hers a little on one side, while their raised hands are joined at the height of her head. She carries a tiny folding fan; he, a three-cornered hat. The scene changes and the lady is curtseying, holding her dress with her left hand, her fan in her right at the level of her chin, with elbow raised. The gentleman bows low, his hat held over the region of his heart. Again the gentleman is kneeling upon one knee, his right elbow resting upon the edge of his hat, which is thus balanced upon his other knee. He holds the lady's left hand with his left, and she with fan in full play is apparently about to pirouette
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