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570 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
A dozen bright girls, in their pity for the children of the city slums during the summer, desired to raise sufficient money to turn certain vacant lots into play­grounds for them, providing them with swings, games, and hardy plants.
To this end, they gave an entertainment which, attracting by its novelty, made them the proud and happy recipients of several hundreds of dollars.
The entertainment was called "The Spring Number of the New Magazine," and in a series of tableaux, reci­tations, songs, and little comedies was supposed to reproduce a typical periodical, presenting its features in living, breathing reality before the audience.
The curtain rose first upon what was intended to repre­sent the cover of the magazine. A young girl, gowned in white and crowned with flowers, stood holding in her extended arms a shallow, round basket filled with daf­fodils—a picture of girlish freshness—an embodiment of the springtime.
At her back was a large, white screen, on the border of which, at one side, were ornamental letters (painted in spring's yellow-greens), and with one letter beneath the other, spelling the words, "The Spring Number," and on the border of the other side the remaining words, "Of the New Magazine."
Next followed the advertisements in a series of tableaux —some so familiar as to elicit much appreciation and amusement in the audience.
The background in each case gave the text accom­panying the illustration, exactly as in the actual adver­tisements.
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