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The " Frontispiece " came next, and was also a tableau. A young girl was looking with smiling, happy eyes upon her extended hand, where sparkled a ring, the signifi≠cance of which was evident to all. A young man's photograph and a bunch of roses on the table before her were suggestive touches to the picture, which hardly needed the explanatory word, "Engaged," that was printed on a strip of muslin stretched across the plat≠form before the foot-lights, as if at the foot of the page.
A poem was next recited, and this was succeeded by a "short story," interpreted thus:
The little stage was fitted up as a pretty drawing-room, and the clever little satire called "The Browning Society," from Conan Doyle's novelette, "The Duet," supplied the story, which was acted with great spirit. Three young women meet to study Browning, with the laudable purpose of self-culture. Various interests lead their minds away from the subject until the time has gone and other engagements claim them. As a study of femininity it is admirable and amusing.
A song was next sung and the representation closedó as do magazinesówith more advertisements, illustrated by tableaux.
The chief expense of the entertainment was the back≠grounds, which carefully reproduced the text of the advertisements in large letters upon muslin two yards wide. These sheets were hung upon rollersólike win≠dow-shadesófrom a cross-piece of wood between two uprights, and the room on either side was curtained off, as was the space to the right and left of the little stage. It is an entertainment that admits of great variety.
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