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572 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
When a company of persons can be induced to fill the roles of actor and audience alternately, the success of the entertainment is a foregone conclusion.
The representations may be impromptu, or the hostess may intimate in the invitations her wishes that her guests come prepared to illustrate the title of some book in a tableau.
The guests may plan in advance to act together, but no one but the hostess should be in the secret of what the book-title is until it is guessed by the audience.
To give unity to the entertainment, the hostess should direct the order in which the tableaux are given, num­bering each one for the convenience of guessing their subjects. Few stage "properties"+ and little preparation will be required.
The audience is supplied with cards with pencils attached, where, upon numbered lines, they chronicle their guesses as to what each tableau, in turn, repre­sents, signing their names at the end and giving them to the hostess. The one most successful in naming the books should receive some little honour or prize.
By way of suggestion, the curtain rises, or the drawn portieres reveal a Puritan maiden dressed in sober gray, with close muslin cap, sitting at her spinning-wheel, her hands held idly in her lap, her thoughts apparently far from her work.
A young man, peeping at her from what may appear as the entrance, or approaching from behind her on tip­toe to surprise, may suggest the subject of her thoughts. She is intended to represent "An Old-fashioned Girl," by Miss Alcott.
The same subject might be given a comical turn if the
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