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Tableaux                                  575
series as a school-girl. If the furniture of the room could be covered with white cheese-cloth upon which powdered mica is thrown, so as to resemble snowbanks, the floor covered with the same, the windows concealed by two or three evergreens powdered with artificial snow, the setting would be an effective background. The little girl, with very rosy cheeks, wearing a worsted hood and mittens, her books and slate under her arm, and with one roller skate on, may then cross the stage with a merry look and smile at the audience, pausing mid­way to regale herself with a bite of a large red apple before she is lost to view in the wings.
"Maidenhood" comes next, and may be represented by a graceful girl dressed in white, a blue ribbon around her waist and a bunch of daisies tucked in her belt. She holds one daisy in her hand, and with body bent forward and with great eagerness she pulls off the petals one by one, to see whether "her love loves her or no." A row of potted plants on the window-sill, a young man's photograph framed on the table, may add suggestive touches.
"Wifehood" may be suggested by a tableaux repre­senting the picture called "Enfin Seuls !" A girl in full bridal dress is being clasped tenderly in the arms of the bridegroom, who is apparently rejoicing over the fact that the guests are all gone and that at last they are alone with their happiness! Her head slightly bent, fondly leaning against his shoulder, billows of tulle framing her happy face—offers a picture at which every woman's heart will throb in responsiveness, for it represents the crowning moment of a girl's life.
After such a climax one appears lacking in tact to make the suggestion that a brother is the only one that could fill the r6le of the happy bridegroom without
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