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Tableaux                                     577
For the third—that of the little school-girl—the popular songs would answer, such as "You Can't Play in Our Back Yard," or "Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow-wow." Of course, love songs for "Maidenhood," and one of the wedding-marches, full of triumphant happiness, for the tableau intended to suggest'' Wifehood.'' The sentiment of "Motherhood" may be summed up in "Home, Sweet Home," while "Auld Lang Syne" may fitly accompany the picture of "Old Age."
A series of tableaux may be given without the usual -elaborate preparations, and combine the minimum of effort for the hostess with the maximum of fun for all, if the invitations inclose a request that each guest shall bring a costume or certain "properties," and come pre­pared to pose as a portrait. The fact that each has something to contribute and is an exhibitor as well as a spectator has a wonderfully happy effect on the temper and spirit of the guests.
Two rooms, with portieres between them; two strong lamps, with reflectors for footlights; and the rest is easily arranged. If it be desired to have a somewhat burlesque exhibition, a large screen of dark wall-paper pasted together may be held with thumb-tacks, so as to be smooth and firm. In this are cut round, square, and oval openings, each surrounded by a gilt paper frame on the side exposed to the audience. Close behind these openings are arranged the subjects of the por­traits, some sitting on step-ladders, some on the floor, others midway between on chairs or tables. Criticism is invited, and the faces of the portraits must not evince the slightest emotion. The penalty for a smile is to pose again. The costume required being only partial, it is
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