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Wedding Anniversaries
A WEDDING anniversary is, in some sort, the most ideal of entertainments, for only those whose married life has proved a happy one care to cel­ebrate the event; and, as a motive for assembling one's friends, nothing could be further from the commercial spirit of give and take that so often spoils hospitality than the impulse that reaches out for the sympathy of friends in one's happiness and that solicits their con­gratulations. Some unwritten law has dictated that special features belong to each celebration; hence while the invitations for the various occasions may differ so as to suggest these, they are alike in general form.
The date of marriage and the present date should be engraved or written at the top of the sheet of note-paper or large card, separated by a hyphen. Or the inter­laced initials of the bride's maiden name and that of the bridegroom may occupy the centre, while the dates are placed on either side an inch or two away. The usual wording is in the best taste:
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