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580 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
1853                                                                                              1904
Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson Darby
will be at home
on Thursday evening, December the first,
from eight until eleven o'clock,
Twenty, Fifth Avenue.
Joan Holmes.                                   John Anderson Darby
This form shows that the invitation is for a wedding anniversary—and the bride's maiden name in lower left corner confirms it. One would disclaim any inten­tion of soliciting a gift when the celebration imposes anything more than paper, wooden, cotton, tin, or lea­ther trifles as presents; so, upon the invitations destined for others than very intimate friends, one may write at the bottom of the page or card: "It is requested that no gifts be sent." It seems more gracious than the usual, "No presents."
The bride should wear her wedding-gown as often as possible at the anniversary celebrations, and in its original form—if she may. When that is not feasible, she should at least wear some souvenir of her wedding finery. The bridegroom, too, if he have preserved his wedding-suit of clothes, should don it by all means.
The gifts should be upon exhibition, accompanied b> the cards of the donors.
It is a pretty custom for the bride and groom to repeat their wedding journey.
The after-glow has not faded from the brightness of the wedding-day—half-halo, half-glamour—when the first anniversary dawns.
Thoughts are so busy with reminiscences of the wonderful day that some sort of celebration in its honour
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