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Wedding Anniversaries                      581
seems fitting and almost urgent. Cotton has been assigned as the special feature to be used for the decora­tions, presents, etc., and, fortunately for the light purses of the average young householders, the material is not expensive.
One "happy pair" issued, to their former bridal party, invitations for a little dinner, which were written with indelible ink upon pieces of French nainsook—a cotton weave—folded to resemble note-paper.
The centre of the table, was adorned with a tiny Christmas tree, its branches laden with (cotton) snow, powdered with mica-dust. It stood on a mound of the cotton batting of the silky, silvery sort, which covered all the table to within two feet of its edge. This mimic snow was bordered with leaves, and upon it were placed the little dishes of olives, scarlet peppermints, and cakes iced in white with candied cherries or bits of green Angelica upon them.
At each place was a large snowball, made of cotton, enclosing a favour, intended to convey some joking or teasing allusion to peculiarities of the recipient— possible where the company is well acquainted.
Soup, fish, a roast, and vegetables, a salad, a sweet dish, and coffee composed the little feast.
Upon returning to the drawing-room after dinner, the hostess placed in the hand of each guest a ball of cotton cord of a different colour—with the injunction to follow where it led—adding that it would give a clue to the fortune of each, or the revelation of his or her character. It was but the well-known Cobweb Game, for each cord led its holder a chase in pursuit of its windings upstairs and down, but every now and then a halt would be commanded by a bit of paper on the string and an injunction written thereon which the
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