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Wedding Anniversaries                    583
"The proverb says that 'blue is true,' And so this cord of azure hue Seemed just the one to choose for you; 'More than coronets' are hearts so true, Therefore the fitting mate for you Will be a man with blood that's blue."
When each had found the fate assigned by the hosts in some symbolic article and read the nonsense jingles accompanying it, they all reassembled in the drawing-room to play the game of "Hearts." The prize to the winner was wrapped within a miniature bale of cotton. The burlap enclosing it was torn in jagged holes, from which the cotton protruded, and the name and address of the victor in the games were hastily marked upon it with shoe-dressing.
For a simple little frolic, such as young householders find at once the most enjoyable and feasible without putting too great a strain on the domestic exchequer, a good choice is an informal little dinner with games and contests to follow during the evening.
The second anniversary of the wedding day involves paper as a special feature of its celebration. The table­cloth may be replaced with white paper—the sheets carefully pasted together to make it of proper dimen­sions, and trimmed with paper lace, which comes in various patterns on "shelf-paper." In paintings of opulent feastings, the table-cloth is always bordered with lace.
An oblong mound of large pink paper roses in a low, flat basket makes a pretty centrepiece. They may be bought at incredibly low prices.
In the early days of New York's social existence,
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