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584 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
paper flowers were used extensively for table decoration in winter—hot-houses being almost unknown.
The candle-shades of paper rose-petals, the dishes holding pink bonbons and fancy cakes lined with what are known as "laced papers," and these dainties each held in the usual crimped paper cases, may repeat the suggestion of the title-role of the little feast.
Its special character may also perhaps allow the use of Japanese-paper napkins of delicate pinks and greens. If the entree is served in paper cases and the ices in the hearts of pink paper roses, even the menu may emphasise the paper idea. At the close of the dinner, before the ladies withdraw, the rose centrepiece may be passed around and each guest be requested to take a flower from it. As the flowers are withdrawn, each is found to have attached to its stem, by a narrow ribbon, some trifle in paper—as at children's birthday parties: for the men, packages of cigarettes, which they will shortly have opportunity to prove; for the women, small paper boxes containing any trifle that one pleases to enclose.
After the men have rejoined the ladies in the drawing-room, a tray full of the large mottoes, containing paper caps and costumes, may be passed around.
The hostess then explains that, having "pulled" the motto with one's neighbour, each person is requested to 1 put on the cap" found in the motto, and with its as­sumption to impersonate some character of history or fiction to whom such a headgear would be appropriate. The impersonation need go no further than the answering of questions put by the others, who try to guess the chosen character of as many as possible—recording their guesses on small paper books presented by the hostess —a prize to the cleverest. For instance, one drawing a woman's nightcap may choose "Mrs. Caudle" for the
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