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Wedding Anniversaries                    585
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puzzlement of his or her questioners. A folly's-cap— "Triboulet," the famous jester of Francis I.
The person to whose lot falls a liberty-cap might be the allegorical figure of America, if a woman; if a man, he may impersonate Louis XVI. (recalling the time when that ill-fated monarch wore it to conciliate the mob). Leo X. for a pope's mitre. A crown—any monarch. A dunce-cap—"Simple Simon," of "Mother Goose" celebrity.
For the prizes, a book of some choice edition for the men; a pretty lamp-shade or paper fan for the ladies' award of honour. A water-colour, an etching, or an engraving would do for either.
If the hostess be willing to take the trouble, she may wear an entire paper costume, which can be bought for a song at the shops for paper fashions—if the model belong to the season preceding the present one. This, basted on her own gown, precludes the danger of tearing.
If the anniversary occur in summer, a garden party may be given, which is only an afternoon tea out of doors. With rugs spread on the lawn, chairs and little tables set in groups, a hammock with gay cushions swung near by, little other preparation is required.
The Japanese game of "Fan Ball," previously de­scribed, played with paper balls and paper fans (of palm-leaf shape), will suggest the special character of the anniversary. The ices may be served in paper cases, and paper napkins will be found a convenience—ad­missible under the circumstances.
The bride of four years is usually the victim of dis­mayed perplexity when she learns for the first time that if she desires to celebrate the anniversary of her wedding-
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