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Wedding Anniversaries                    587
be three "good-luck" slippers of white kid, the heels together, the toes pointing outward. These, placed on a round mirror-mat—or, better, surmounting a wedding-cake iced in white—and filled with white carnations, sweet-peas, deutzia, or lilies of the valley, would be at least suggestive of bridal days. The mirror or cake might be wreathed with flowers or only with foliage.
The slipper is a favourite design for flower-holders, and they are made in silver, glass, and fine porcelain— so the precedent is not lacking for such a choice of kid ones. In order to give the desired tilt, which a very high heel supplies, a little mound of rice might be placed in the centre of the mirror, or the cake surmounted by some small elevation of the confectioner's art, to serve as support to the slipper's heels and so give the flowers the right direction. The rice has at least the advantage of being white and associated with nuptial customs.
With this central decoration, the place-cards may be smoothly covered with white kid, overhanded at the edges in "buttonhole stitch," with gilt thread, or the stitching concealed by a very slender gilt cord—the names across them in the raised gilt lettering. The kid may be had at shoe stores, at glovers', and at shops where are sold materials for fancy work.
The other table decorations should, of course, be white and green to appear as "bridal" as possible. A small wedding-bell of white immortelles, suspended above the table from the centre of the chandelier, would add to the effect—the flowers composing it suggestive of the perpetuity of the marriage compact and the love that inspired it.
After dinner a fac-simile "mail-bag " of modest pro­portions might be brought into the drawing-room, and the host, playing postman, deliver a letter addressed to
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