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Wedding Anniversaries                    589
traveller decorated with the red ribbon of the "Legion of Honour"; the story-teller given one of the "Orders of Merit" (that are made for cotillion favours) as a famous "raconteur"; the pianist some such decorations as from the Conservatory of Music at Bayreuth; as for the one who obligingly amused the company with his tricks, he may be crowned "the Prince of Good Fellows" with a coronet of gilt paper.
These, of course, have no reference to leather, but the host and hostess may present themselves with "leather medals," the traditional booby prize and reward of failure.
Before parting it may be suggested to "throw the good-luck slipper"—an old one, be it understood, or the charm will not work.
Each one in turn takes the slipper, waves it three times around his head from left to right, makes a wish", and then casts it on the floor, behind his back. If it falls with the toe pointed toward the inquirer of fate, the wish is on its way to fulfilment and good luck advancing to meet him; if with the heel toward him, there is no hope—luck is going the other way; if sideways— "There's a good time coming, Wait a little longer."
The fifth anniversary, called the wooden wedding, is the one most often celebrated. By that time the young couple have probably a local habitation, a name and position in the community, and the mode of living is established. When the marriage has proved a happy one and a measure of success has crowned the efforts of the young wife to make a pleasant home, and the husband
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