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59o The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
to maintain it, it is a favourite time to call in friends and neighbours to rejoice with them.
The usual form of entertainment is a little dinner given to the former bridal party and those friends whose presence brings unalloyed pleasure.
Of course, at a "wooden wedding" the aim is to have everything as sylvan as possible. Every opportunity to introduce foliage should be taken advantage of in the decoration of rooms and table.
Fortunately at the season of the anniversary, nature's bounty offers the same possibilities of adornment as at the time of the wedding, which recalls it the better. In winter, nothing is more to be desired than the Christ­mas greens and the evergreen trees that, after the holiday season, may be had at small expense. In spring and summer, branches and sprays of leaves should be used with prodigality.
The table should have no cloth, so as to show the wood, a mat of leaves laid in circles under each dish, and the dishes themselves lined with them. A rustic basket, formed of twigs laid log-cabin fashion and filled with growing ferns, or a birch-bark canoe, makes an appropriate centrepiece. This last, laid on a circular mirror and freighted with maidenhair fern and wood-violets, arbutus or sweet-peas, is charming, and will ac­commodate tumblers and finger-bowls filled with water —so that the flowers may be kept perfectly fresh.
The candle-shades may be of artificial leaves, the place-cards of birch-bark with the names written in green ink. The caterers make bonbons that exactly imitate acorns, and chocolates that look like sticks, called "buches" (French for log). A dado of masses of green leaves interlaced and held in place on a foundation of "chicken wire," and empire wreaths of oak leaves
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