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592 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
After dinner, at any time when the conversation begins to flag, a great sawdust pie, in which are hidden wooden trifles for each guest, may enlist their amused interest. The brown paper that forms the top crust of the pie may be charred a little in order to help the similitude and to indicate on which side to find the souvenirs adapted to the gentlemen of the party. Each guest cuts a wedge of the pie, and, fishing with a wooden spoon, finds perhaps an acorn emery bag, a doll penwiper with head made of a hickory-nut, to look like an old crone, a set of jackstraws, etc.
The attention of the company being now concen­trated, it is the moment to propose a game or con­test of some kind. A version of "Turn About,'' adapted to the wooden wedding, might be played.
Let the ladies be given bits of wood and knives and requested to fashion toy boats or to whittle any object that they choose—a prize to the one judged to be the cleverest. The men may compete in dressing clothes­pin dolls or in covering large wooden button-moulds. The awkwardness on both sides usually arouses a good deal of mirth. The prizes should, of course, be of wood; a cane perhaps for the men's prize, wooden fans or photograph frames for the others.
Among presents that may be offered to the hosts are etchings of woodland scenes, a wooden book-rack for a table, a practical tool-chest, useful in every household, palms and ferns planted in wooden tubs and pails, etc., "Braun" photographs framed in wood. I have known of a piano, a carriage, and pieces of furniture to be among the wooden-wedding gifts of one fortunate bride of five years.
The most ideal wooden-wedding feast of which I have ever heard was given in a forest. The table encircled
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