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Wedding Anniversaries                    593
a great oak, and the guests came in costumes appropriate to the "merry greenwood."
At a recent celebration of the fifth anniversary, the rooms were profusely decorated with shavings, and four wooden tables and chairs were set for a progressive game of jackstraws.
Wooden butter-paddles were used for tally-cards, and in the hall was a wooden wash-tub filled with sawdust in which each departing guest was invited to delve for a small wooden box tied with ribbons, containing a piece of wedding-cake.
There are times that are more convenient than others for a merrymaking, and if, when the seventh anniversary of one's wedded happiness comes round one would gladly celebrate the pleasant occasion, the fact that one is con­demned to a "woollen wedding" is not at first sight encouraging.
"If it were only something more decorative ! " One's mind is prolific of suggestion for every other form of wedding-anniversary entertainment; but one must resign one's self.
If a dinner be chosen to which our friends are bidden, the children's birthday " Bopeep-Cake " would make an appropriate centrepiece. Upon the top of a large, round wedding-cake, a doll, dressed as Little Bopeep, is sur­rounded by a flock of "woolly " lambs, which may be had at small cost at almost any toy shop. A lamb at each place with a name in gilt on a ribbon tied about its neck, descriptive of, or appropriate to, the person whose seat it indicates, might answer for favours. "Krag" would he a complimentary title for any man who has read Ernest Thompson Seton. "Gentle Jane," "Butting
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