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594 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Billy," "Bell-Wether," "Happy-go-Lucky," "Frolic Nan," "Wool-Gatherer," might be appropriate, and "Mary's Little Lamb " would answer for the son or daugh­ter of a mother of that name. Or place-cards of per­forated Bristol-board with the names done in crewels would recall the old "-samplers."
Of course, lamb or mutton should form the "piece de resistance"
Here is a suggestion for a game to play for the even­ing's amusement:
Within the windings of an immense ball of worsted hide a small souvenir for each person. Gather the guests in a circle or in close proximity, and hand the ball to one with the request to relate a story of adventure, unwinding the worsted as the "yarn" is in progress, until one of the hidden gifts is disclosed, which is appro­priated by the narrator, and then the ball is thrown to some one else, who must take up the story just at the point of its interruption and continue some sort of nar­rative, still unwinding the worsted, until another sou­venir falls from the ball, when a third player takes up the thread, until the wool is all unwound, and the last gift displayed. This game is an adaptation of a favourite, where a handkerchief or bunch of flowers was used instead of the ball. A knitting-match among the ladies may dispose of the yarn, each one setting up stitches for a muffler, and a prize awarded to the one who makes the longest scarf. Perhaps they may be willing to take them home to finish for the city newsboys and the various missions for seamen, the members of which receive these mufflers with grateful appreciation.
                          THE TIN WEDDING
The tin wedding commemorates the tenth anniversary, for which the invitations are engraved upon thin tia
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