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Wedding Anniversaries                    595
plates the size of a large visiting-card, or the lettering has the colour of steel upon the usual card or sheet of note-paper.
If. a dinner be given, new tinware upon the table will be found almost as effective as silver, glistening resplen­dent and pleasing as a novelty, if its commonplace nature be half concealed and half revealed.
Pink roses with deutzia, white and pink carnations, or other combinations of rose and white, would make an attractive centrepiece, if arranged in an epergne, improvised from a fish-horn, fitted at its smaller end into the central opening of an angel-cake tin.
Four dishes holding pink and white bonbons, cakes, etc., may be set in the midst of the deep tin rings (made for baking cakes in circular form), the edges of the plates resting on the tins. These rings filled with flowers will make pretty wreaths around the most prominent dishes.
If an elaborate decoration be desired, any tinsmith can make a flower-holder in the shape of the initial of the groom's name and the bride's maiden name, or the date of the marriage and the present date, one to be placed at each end of the table.
The little round stands of twisted wire, made to set the tea-pot upon, turned upside down and lined with pink laced papers, make really very pretty receptacles for bonbons, salt-nuts, stuffed dates, etc., and if, as is now fashionable, small "individual" dishes are supplied for the salted almonds, new heart-shaped patty-pans will answer the purpose.
Cards of Bristol-board may be smoothly enveloped in tin-foil and the guests' names written upon them with a blunt pencil, to indicate the places at table.
A small tin funnel at each lady's place makes a pretty bouquet holder.
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